Planning school holiday fun

School holidays are a great time to explore and participate in different activities. Our school holiday guide has ideas of things to do locally, or visit Busy City Kids for ideas of things to do beyond Moonee Valley.

Get the kids involved in planning your school holiday fun:

  1. Ideas – Ask kids to write down or draw pictures of what they would like to do during the holidays. Download our ‘Summer holidays’ sheet to help.
  2. Discuss – Talk about the ideas they’ve come up with and agree on what activities you’ll do.
  3. Plan – Create a calendar and jot down the agreed activities. Include appointments, back to childcare/kinder/school related activities, work days and public holidays.

Some final tips:

  • Rest – the benefits of kids chilling out, sleeping in, playing with their toys, watching a movie, reading a book are immensely beneficial.
  • Boredom –  you’ll hear ‘I’m bored’ during the holidays. This is a perfect opportunity to encourage kids to use their imagination and work out how to entertain themselves.
  • Mix it up – with a day out, a day at home, a friend over for a play, a play at the park, a ride on the train etc.

Download our ‘Summer holidays’ sheet