Moonee Valley Kids provides local families with ideas of things to do locally with their kids – classes, library events, party venues, where to eat, markets and more.

We’ve gathered the information together, in one website.

It’s the conversations we have with our Mother’s Group, our kinder and school families:

  • Where can I take my child for dance lessons?
  • What’s a great party venue ?
  • We’d love to go out for dinner with the family, where can we go locally?
  • Where are the local Auskick clinics?
  • It’s a rainy day, what can we do with the kids?
  • Where can our Mother’s Group continue to meet?

If these type of questions sound familiar to you, then you’ll love Moonee Valley Kids!

While our focus on local, if we discover something fabulous for kids beyond Moonee Valley, we’ll let you know too.

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Our family

We encourage local families to discover your neighbourhood, wonderful experiences await you!

As a local family with 3 kids, we’re frequently out exploring everything Moonee Valley has to offer kids. We’re thrilled to share with this community what we discover in our neighbourhood.

Both my husband and I grew up in Moonee Valley, we love pointing out things to our kids ‘that’s where I went to school, I went to the traffic school when I was young, that’s where I worked my first part-time job’ and more.

We know the area, we’ve experienced many things first hand as children ourselves (wow, feeling old!) and now it’s a joy to introduce local experiences to our children, as well as discovering new things with them.

In the 8 years since our eldest child was born, we have discovered parks, participated in classes, graduated from library rhyme time to story time, learnt where the child-friendly cafes are, attended parties at local venues and more – it’s been a fabulous time of discovery!

Working with us

Moonee Valley Kids is not affiliated or connected to any organisation (government or private business). Our views and what we share are always unbiased and without hidden agenda, including for any sponsored posts.

If you’re a local business and would like to reach a highly targeted audience, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us and let’s start the conversation.

The fine print

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